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The women's sports film festival is coming!

In 2021, the city of Nice will host the first edition of the Women's Sport in the Spotlight Film Festival, a project co-produced by the Alice Milliat Foundation and the French National Sports Museum. The program of this film festival will include films on the theme of women's sports but also many guests athletes and specialists from the world of sport, who will lead debates on essential themes.


This totally free festival aims to promote women's sport. The objective of the festival Feminine Sport in the Spotlight is to take into account all the components of sport, from its place in society to its social impact, through its influence on public health and culture. It is with this vision that the festival presents itself as the film and media meeting point for women's sports.


Indeed, in a world where women are doing as much sport as men, women's sport suffers from a lack of visibility. Fortunately, audiovisual productions - documentaries, reports, fictions - now take into account the feminization of sport. This festival, which presents all types of audiovisual works, aims to put sportswomen in the spotlight in order to provide a platform for films that contribute to giving greater visibility to women's sport.


Follow us on the social networks to be kept informed of the announcement of the dates and the arrival of the program!

Découvrez la sélection 2024 et sa programmation ! 

Cette année, le festival s'exporte partout en France derrière vos écrans ! En plus des projections proposées au Méliès, un pass digital vous permettra de voir (ou revoir) les documentaires de la sélection. Et tout cela en illimité du 7/03 au 04/04 inclus.

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