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On August 20, 1922, Alice Milliat, founder of the Fédération Sportive Féminine Internationale in 1917, organized the first women's Olympic Games (which became the Women's World Games) at the Pershing stadium. They allow for the first time women to compete at the world level in multiple disciplines, in front of the refusal by the IOC of their integration in the classic games.

Within the Alice Milliat Association, we wish to continue to have Alice Milliat's work recognized and to create and use educational tools for understanding and raising awareness around an egalitarian and equal sport. Thus, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of this event, the Alice Milliat Association wishes to organize on August 20, 2022 a day dedicated to the legacy of Alice Milliat and to women's sport.

The event will take place in the 12th arrondissement, where the first Women's World Games took place. It will take place in the largest open bar in Paris and will be free, in order to allow all Parisians to participate. On August 20, 1922, Alice Milliat organized the event at the Pershing stadium in Paris. 11 events took place there, bringing together 77 participants and 5 nations. At the time, they welcomed nearly 15,000 spectators.

We have chosen to celebrate this event through the marriage of sport and art. An exhibition of archival and current photos will be organised; as well as explanatory panels, will retrace the career of Alice Milliat and the place of women in sport. Archival images and objects from the first Games will be provided by the National Sports Museum, will be intersected with current images of sportswomen, taken by photographer Eric Mistler. The evening will be punctuated by the screening of the film “ Les Incorrectes ”.

Here is the detailed program for the day:

11am-9.30pm : Exhibitions of photographs by Éric Mistler and the National Sports Museum. These exhibitions will be accompanied by a mediation device of 15 panels retracing the journey of Alice Milliat This last exhibition will be in French and English


11.30am-12.30pm : Running session organized


2 p.m.-4 p.m : Animation of the educational kit


4 p.m : Prize giving for the photo competition organized by the Alice Milliat Association followed by a debate on the image of sportswomen


5 p.m.-6 p.m : Educational kit animation


6:30-7: 30 p.m : Running session organized


9 p.m : Screening of the film Les Incorrectes - Alice Milliat and the beginnings of women's sport

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